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$325 Billion

That’s how much the e-learning market is projected to be worth by the year 2025. By then, the industry will have doubled its value from the $165.36 billion it was worth in 2014. Here are some other key e-learning stats:

  • E-learning reduces learning time for employees by 60% compared to traditional learning.
  • Taking part in e-learning, especially for companies, consumes 90% less energy than physical training.
  • E-learning increases retention rates by 25% to 60%.
  • E-learning has led to an increase in income for 42% of U.S. organizations.
  • A survey of 2,500 companies found that those with “comprehensive training programs” have 218% higher revenue per employee and 24% higher profit margins.
  • Companies like IBM have saved approximately $200 million after switching to e-learning.
  • Corporate e-learning is expected to grow by over 250% between 2017 to 2026.

These stats equal a HUGE opportunity for your business! And we’re on a mission to help you leverage online courses in your business. 

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